Hello, I'm so glad you found me! Make yourself at home and I will tell you a little smidge about myself.


I spent part of my childhood in Germany where I visited beautiful stone castles, dark forests, and grassy hills. Of course I sang "The Sound of Music" on more than one occasion. I didn't write then, but I did entertain my older sister with an endless supply of bedtime stories.


When my family and I returned to America, we moved around quite a bit from North Carolina to Washington and everywhere in between. I started crafting my first story in the pages of a hidden notebook, my imagination fueled by the passing landscapes as well as the works of Laura Ingalls Wilder, L.M. Montgomery, and Catherine Marshall. Eventually I returned to my birth state of Michigan, where I immediately fell in love with the Great Lakes and a wonderful man with whom I created a tiny zoo of beautiful children and odd pets.


My mornings are spent researching and writing stories set between the 1920s and 1940s. I love creating characters who are flawed (aren't we all?) yet have hope, because we would be nowhere without it. My evenings are spent supervising math homework. Oh, and I run when I can't think or when it's too noisy. That turns out to be quite often (re: the zoo and math homework).


Beyond my own site you can also find me at Modern Belles of History where a lovely group of ladies and I post about writing, publishing, researching, and reading Women's Historical Fiction set in the 20th century. Drop by sometime. We just love chatting with readers!  Click on the links below to compare books on Goodreads, follow me on Twitter and Face Book, or just peruse my Pinterest boards, where you will find lots of chocolate and other, sometimes peculiar inspirations. And I do love notes, so don't be afraid to drop me one.






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